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In a database SSR on 01-01-2018 contains information in respect of 400,000 existing legal entities, more than 250,000 of whom are individual entrepreneurs.

32% of all employed in the economy are involved in the sphere of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. In the European Union, the figure is 67%, which represents 58% of value added. The contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises of Belarus to GDP is about 25%. At the same time, the contribution of small and medium-sized businesses in the volume of foreign trade is more than 40%.

The organization for economic cooperation and development notes in various reviews of Belarus as negative factors in creating a favorable business environment:

  1. Low level of systemic links with small and medium-sized enterprises.
  2. Lack of regular research to gather information on the problems and needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  3. Low level of scientific and regulatory segmentation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  4. Low level of business literacy in the field of foreign trade, Finance and organizational and legal culture.
  5. Lack of systematic information on foreign markets, low level of market research in a competitive environment.

At the same time, the organization for economic cooperation and development draws attention to the absence of a special agency for export development in the Republic of Belarus, the insufficient level of practical training of specialists of marketing services of enterprises on foreign trade, the formation of a commodity-conducting network, the selection and study of reliability of partners, ways to promote products to foreign markets.

Limited liability company "Automated Business Technologies" is a modern company with significant experience in the development and maintenance of business projects, analysis of the commodity - conducting network, marketing services and sales departments. Based on the analysis of applications received from small and medium-sized businesses, our specialists prepare and conduct workshops, conferences and consultations on various problems of the business community.

Our training seminars are practical in nature, participants are provided with a package of methodological, regulatory and practical materials. All problematic issues are studied on the example of specific enterprises with the participation of practitioners.

Workshop Business expansion. Creation of a branch or distribution network of the enterprise abroad. Workshop How to create a company with minimal costs. Foreign trade agreement of purchase and sale. Workshop Foreign trade agreement of purchase and sale. The conclusion of foreign trade transactions. Letter of credit – as one of the security conditions of your business.
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Workshop Product certification – component of sales success and entry into new markets. The first scientific-practical conference "Problems and prospects of development of the veterinary business in the Republic of Belarus".
Quarterly 2018

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