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The results of competitions held in 2019

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The Republican contest The best pet store of 2018

March 29, 2019 in Belarus, the winners and prize-winners of the Republican contest were announced. "The Best Pet Shop of 2018".

The purpose of this competition is to develop a system for providing consumers with veterinary drugs and veterinary products, improving the quality of service, as well as the professional level of employees of veterinary pharmacies and kiosks, informing the public about veterinary pharmacies seeking high economic results and a high level of service to the population.

Awarding of participants of the competition was held in the framework of the Republican round table "Veterinarian business of the Republic of Belarus: realities and prospects". In addition to rewarding, the present veterinary specialists, specialized civil servants, managers and enterprises of veterinary business discussed topical issues of the development of veterinary business in the Republic of Belarus, new methods and technologies of medical and pharmacy business in the field of veterinary activities, new projects in the field of training and advanced training of veterinary specialists.

In accordance with the decision of the Competition Commission in the Republican competition "The Best Pet Shop of 2018" in the nomination "The Best Pet Shop of the District Center" is awarded to:

  • 1 place - Vabishchevich Irina Petrovna;
  • 2 place - IP Sergey Saikov;
  • 3 place - Zoovettorg.

Diplomas of laureates of the Republican contest "The Best Pet Shop of 2018" in the nomination "The Best Pet Shop of the Regional Center" are awarded to:

  • IP Kolosov Alexander Sergeevich;
  • VetMediaService/

The competition commission made a decision to declare Olga Lisovskaya Olga Vladimirovna a winner in the contest "The Best Pet Shop of 2018 in the nomination "The Best Store of Goods for Fish" as a laureate and award a diploma.

Winners, prize-winners and laureates of the Republican contest were awarded with valuable gifts and diplomas.

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