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Searching partners in the Republic of Belarus and abroad

Marketing partner selection of the company LLC "Automated Business Technologies" carries out with the use of modern information technologies, the available opportunities for access to reliable databases about companies from around the world, as well as information from a wide range of partner organizations operating on different continents.

When selecting contractors, the relevant data from the state registers, verified contact information and other information are used.

Based on our information you will be able to select potential foreign suppliers, buyers or business partners most effectively and reliably.

Our information will allow you to save time on checking the solvency of companies, select companies by real production volumes, exclude enterprises with losses, possible bankrupt or non-payers, and include only worthy and interesting contractors in the work.

In addition you can order business inquiries with detailed information about the selected companies.

The cost of the marketing matching in:

  • the Republic of Belarus - from 100 BYN;
  • Countries of the Eurasian Union - from 200 BYN;
  • CIS countries - from 300 BYN;
  • Non-CIS countries - contractual.

Execution time - 1 month.

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