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Assessment of the trustworthiness of your partners in Belarus and abroad

The majority of entrepreneurs, especially beginners, there are many questions about the process of finding and vetting of counterparties: what tools to use, how to use and analyse etc. The more there is today no standard rules and criteria of this test. All actions that need to be taken are usually developed by companies in the process of analysis on their own, based on the risk assessment.

Company LLC "Automated Business Technologies", having experience in support of foreign trade contracts, advising companies on minimizing business risks offers the following algorithm for searching and checking contractors:

  1. Obtaining extracts from the SSR information about companies;
  2. Use of public electronic services;
  3. Obtaining a package of documents from the company LLC "Automated Business Technologies", on the basis of which you will be able to draw the right conclusions and make the right decision:
    • Extract from the register of unfair suppliers of the country of registration of the counterparty;
    • Extract from the card file of arbitration affairs of the country of registration of the counterparty;
    • Extract from the data bank of enforcement proceedings of the counterparty's country of registration;
    • Extract from the register of legal entities of the counterparty's country of registration;
    • Extract about membership in the chamber of Commerce of the country of registration of the counterparty.

The card of the company in addition to all the information listed, includes the selection of links and references to the company on the Internet, reviews from forums and websites about the company.

Information is provided to all countries of the world based on your application.

The cost of the service and the term of execution of the order:

  1. Republic of Belarus - for residents from 100 BYN / 15 days; for non-residents from $ 100 / 15 days;
  2. Countries of the Eurasian Union - from 200 BYN / 1 month;
  3. CIS countries - from 300 BYN / 1 month;
  4. Сountries of Asia and Africa - from 800 BYN / up to 2 месяцев;
  5. Countries of Europe and America - from 500 BYN / up to 2 месяцев.

Payment is made upon conclusion of the contract for the rendered service.

Telephone consultations: +37517-396-69-66; +37529-709-84-73

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