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Marketing research. Analysis of markets and competitive environment

Dear partners! If you are facing the following tasks:

  • Preparation of marketing policy to promote your product;
  • Preparation of the most real sales plan;
  • Adjustment of the range of commodity products;
  • Determining the price of goods in the context of a competitive environment;
  • Development of a scheme for the promotion of goods in foreign markets.

LLC "Automated Business Technologies" is your reliable and long-term partner in this business.

LLC "Automated Business Technologies" will provide you with information about the volume of the product market you are interested in, its participants, their shares, the main consumers of the goods, trends in its development, including forecasts for several years. Having ordered research in our company, you receive absolutely exact and most complete information on the market of goods interesting you on the basis of which you will be able to accept a balanced, strategically correct decision to develop your business and predict the sales of your goods in the near future.

The structure of the model analysis of LLC "Automated Business Technologies" includes:

  1. Analysis of domestic production of goods.
  2. Analysis of imports of goods and suppliers.
  3. Analysis of the export and exporters.
  4. Market Analysis consumers goods.
  5. Forecast of market dynamics for several years.

Cost of services:

Analysis of the markets of interest:

  1. Structure and target market segment, competitive features of participants, pricing policy. Development prospects and other issues in accordance with the set tasks - from 5000 BYN.
  2. Financial analysis of the market for the purpose of financial and economic feasibility of the project. Calculation of cost of production at implementation of activity in the territory the country of interest, the calculation of the profitability of the project (according to the objectives) - from 5500 BYN.

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