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Business consulting, creation of sales service and support of its work

The main aim of consulting - is to improve the efficiency of the company. Company LLC "Automated Business Technologies" assisting the sustainable development of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs on the basis of the best world theory and practice. The basis of this development are the principles of General quality management, which allow for continuous business excellence enterprises'.

Continuous business improvement is carried out cyclically. Initially the concrete enterprise by self-assessment on the basis of quantitative characteristics is compared positively proved in the world the model of perfection (EFQM). This helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company as accurately as possible. Based on this analysis, we draw up a detailed plan of improvement enterprises.

Once the enterprise plan agreed with the client has been completed, it is reassessed and, if necessary, the cycle can be repeated.

work on consulting and evaluation of sales departments is carried out by specialists of the enterprise LLC "Automated Business Technologies" in cooperation with leading experts of the country. o ensure coordination of work with the client company LLC "Automated Business Technologies" appoints a consultant.

Consultant introduces the client to the model, provides methodological guidance to the client, participates in the evaluation of the client enterprise, provides data collection and preparation of materials for the expert opinion and preparation of a plan for improving the work of the client enterprise. The client participates in the evaluation of the plan, makes decisions on the stages of its implementation.

The advantages of the company LLC "Automated Business Technologies" include the efficiency and quality of solving customer problems of survival, competitiveness, to achieve victory in the competition, improve market position, business growth, sustainable development.

Do you want to know more about how effectively expand your business and conquer new markets?

Do you want to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your company and find ways to improve them?

Do you want to get a professional plan to achieve positive result?

Cost of the service "Consulting" is formed on the basis of the application and technical specifications of the customer. Depending on the portfolio of orders for this service, the region of research, the number of companies and the range of goods and services of the project can range from 4000 to 100 000 BYN.

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